ZTE WiFi Triumphs with Innovative Enterprise PON Award at Network X 2024


Technology and communications company ZTE recently won the “Most Innovative Enterprise PON Use Case” award at Network X 2024 for its Light Campus innovation. Network X honors telecommunications companies that make significant advances in the field and has a rigorous judging process. Light Campus helps increase connectivity for businesses while saving on energy use. ZTE plans to continue its leadership role in shaping the future of network enterprising.

Revolutionizing Connectivity with ZTE WiFi’s Light Campus Solution

ZTE’s Light Campus solution plays a pivotal role in enhancing enterprise connectivity. The company launched its product at Jiangjun Mountain Office Park in the city of Nanjing. The company comprises over 6,000 employees, each needing gigabit cloud desktop access.

ZTE readily met this challenge with its Light Campus 10G all-optical solution. They were able to supply 1,000 Mbps to the office park’s desktop computers. The Light Campus system was capable of supporting 2000 Mbps of concurrent access for all of the employees.

All employees now have access to an uninterrupted high-bandwidth network. Light Campus provides one fiber for varied and significant access. The network can now support multiple users and provides easy network management and maintenance.

Jiangjun Mountain Office Park is now a modern digital campus with reliable internet access and an intelligent system to keep it running.

How ZTE WiFi Reduces Costs and Increases Performance

Traditionally, the enterprise industry tends to use ethernet for company connections. ZTE’s Light Campus solution offers many benefits over the conventional ethernet network. In addition to delivering faster speeds and better reliability, the Light Campus system can help enterprises save money and energy.

By adopting an all-fiber system, the office park will eliminate the need to purchase new equipment as their networking needs expand. Ethernet requires extensive cable work with expansion, while the Light Campus system’s fiber cable will supply all the needed bandwidth expansion without additional cabling. Fiber has less attenuation, allowing it to have a greater coverage area than ethernet.

The office park will save a lot of money, as they will not have to purchase expensive equipment or pay to have it installed. The fiber network also requires less maintenance than the ethernet network. The Light Campus system also uses less electricity, which saves the office park money and is better for the environment. As fiber doesn’t rely on an electrical current, there is less threat of a fire from an electrical surge.

ZTE WiFi’s Role in Shaping the Future of Enterprise Networking

The world’s reliance on the internet increases exponentially each year, and that increase is considerable in enterprise settings. Businesses need high-speed internet to handle large amounts of data and more advanced computing functions. They also require greater connectivity and coverage, as an increasing number of devices and equipment are now connected to the internet.

Projects like ZTE’s Light Campus solution make it possible for enterprises to meet these challenges and face those that lie ahead. As more companies rely on big data and artificial intelligence to run their business, there is a need for more bandwidth. Light Campus’s connection delivers the speeds that businesses need to manage massive amounts of data and sophisticated computing.

With the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) comes a need for greater connectivity. Businesses now have significantly more connected devices and equipment than in the past, when mostly computers needed connections. ZTE WiFi provides the robust speed and connectivity to manage a wide range of connected equipment effectively.

Further, with the growing focus on climate and sustainability, ZTE is working to develop products that use less energy and are environmentally friendly. Products like the Light Campus solution are a great example of this commitment, as fiber requires less energy and has a greater teacher. ZTE will continue to be a leader in the global community by creating sustainable solutions in the telecommunications industry.


ZTE has proven its commitment to enterprise PON through the development of the Light Campus solution. The company plans to continue strengthening the solution and to develop more innovative solutions to help enterprises meet connectivity needs in the future.

Winning Network X’s Innovative Enterprise PON Award is a great achievement for the company, and it solidifies ZTE’s commitment to developing sustainable telecom products in the future. ZTE WiFi’s Light Campus solution provides businesses with higher internet speeds and greater connectivity, along with helping them save time and resources.


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